About Radical Hanzi
We provide Mandarin literacy, from optimised building blocks and aim to help students become literate in the fastest time possible.
We have done statistical analaysis of written Chinese and our building blocks mirror the inherit building blocks of the language. We use our analysis to determine the best order to learn the building blocks.
For example, some components are massively re-used in characters. We provide visual mnemonics based on etymology and insightful content around these components to leverage your time.
About 80% of characters have one component which hints at the sound and one component which suggests the meaning. With our visual breakdowns, not only can you make better sense of individual characters, but you also gain an intuition on how the whole Hanzi system works.
mother, mama
We give you the option to explore fundamental concepts deeply and provide tools to scale your knowledge with our interactive tools for reading and writing.
- Free stroke order course
- Beautiful writing guide
- Writing lookup tool
- Component focused lessons
- Visual Mnemonics to show meaning
- Interactive Writing Quiz
- Dictionary with full context
- Character breakdown & etymology
Compound Words/Phrases +
- Various Interactive Quizzes
- Interactive Videos
- Interactive Reader with many articles
How we make the most of your time
We do our best effort to reveal important roots in the language. Some of the roots are quite obscured in there modern forms but we illustrate them so you can see what they represent.
For example 又 is a right hand and 𠂇 is also a hand but it's impossible to see that in the modern script.
friend, companion; fraternity
But once you know the roots then dozens of characters make more sense. Please see our post on hand components to see what I mean.
Etymology Tree
Spaced Repetition
Learning path of building blocks
80% Phonetic