Learn to Write Chinese Through Stroke Order
This free course will teach you the fundamental strokes and rules for you to write beautiful characters quickly.
🎓After our short lessons you will be able to look at any character and very likely know the stroke order.
⚠️️Most stroke orders go from left to right, top to bottom but there are exceptions and this course will show the logic behind them.
With each lesson there is a interactive study mode so you can truly master each stroke and rule. You will learn very important characters with visual mnemonics.
Why learn strokes?
Why take this course?
💪My favourite thing about writing characters is that it gives me muscle memory and I always remember how to read characters I can write.
Knowing the right stroke order will give you confidence in writing so you can leave pinyin behind.
You will be able to write quickly and beautifully with minimal hand movements and take notes with characters.
Also, using your knowledge of stroke order you will be able to lookup characters by writing them down in our upcoming character lookup tool.
Course Contents
Introduction to Strokes
Master the famous 永 character which contains the major strokes
Horizontal and vertical strokes
Horizontal 一 preceeds vertical ︱ when they intersect. But pay attention to writing from top to bottom.
Left and Right falling strokes
Left falling preceeds right falling. These are the only primary strokes that curve.
From inside out if symmetrical.
Symmetry is very important so we write the center first when characters have a center part and two sides.
Finishing dot
Like dotting the i in English we often finish with the dot.
Cutting and Character Spanning Strokes Last.
A stroke that cuts through the entire character is written last.
Characters with Frames
We write the outside from first and work our way down to the bottom.
Characters With Components
We write characters with components one component at a time.
Top right corner preceeds bottom left corner.
Top to bottom has precedence so left bottom components like 辶 in 道 are written last